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Weekly Podcast Roundup 5

It’s podcast week number five and I have been a bit more busy than usual.

The Blue Recluse – Live Streaming Starcraft

We decided to skip the podcast this week and instead do a gaming session. Since Thom wasn’t around, Mike and I decided to bring out good old Starcraft.

It was good fun to jump back into that game even though not all the matches went as we intended.

Nerd This! – Issue #23: How Marty Met Thom

We had a show planned that we couldn’t do because Dusty had to cancel due to his newly born baby girl.

So Thom and I decided to do a show that we actually had recorded earlier but due to some technical issues we had to can that show.

We talk about how we met in World of Warcraft and are reminiscing over how easily we could’ve missed each other.

Whispers of War – Show 26: Should We Panic?

Lastly I also joined Sil from Whispers of War on her podcast. We talked a bit about the state of Blizzard and gaming in general.

It’s always a blast talking to Sil and I was happy to be back.

So remember to check it out.

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