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The Last of Us Part II Looks So Lush

I recently played through Naughty Dogs’ The Last of Us Part I for the second time.

I loved the original game! But it has been quite a few years ago that I played it through. I wanted my girlfriend to either try the game or at least see the story, because I really love the story telling in The Last of Us.

So we settled on my playing through the game again and I can only say that it is as good the second time around as it was the first.

The Last of Us is just a great story driven single player game and a type of game that I feel like the world has sort of forgotten all about. Everything has to be constantly online, massively multiplayer, game as a service type of game these. Oh, and we need to have micro transactions. The larger the better.

So it’s nice to see there are a few game developers who are still doing the art of old school single player story driven games. We have luckily seen a few the past years that also still do this and have a huge success with it. God of War and Spider-Man, both PS4, springs to mind.

So I was excited when this video dropped and we finally got to have a bit of a closer look at The Last of Us Part II.

Will It Multiplay?

No, it doesn’t seem so. It’s interesting to see some of the comments in this Twitter thread from the original Naughty Dog Twitter account where people are complaining that there isn’t going to be multiplayer.

For me it’s a story driven single player game. Why would you need multiplayer? Personally I’m quite happy they are choosing to focus on one single experience.

It makes me way more excited for this game, even though I’m rather excited for it already. So for me this statement was a huge win. I’m personally looking forward to February 2020 even more now. When my girlfriend and I will return to the world of Ellie and Joel.

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