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Nothing More Is A Lot More

In 2018 I went to the local metal festival in Copenhagen called Copenhell, well I actually do that every year now. A festival that has grown quite a bit for the past 10 years and is a huge festival in Denmark now.

But back in 2018 I wasn’t super happy with the program. There were just a few bands that I really wanted to see. So I decided to check out every band on the line-up before the festival. Do some research to see if I could find something new and interesting.

The way I usually do this is I make a Spotify-playlist with the top 2-3 songs from each band and then I listen through to see what sticks.

One of these acts was Nothing More. I listened to the top 3 songs of theirs and found it interesting. But I was also a bit concerned that they could be the, to me, generic hard rock band that I’ve seen so many times before that doesn’t really stick with you.

I was at the stage ready to listen when they finally entered the stage. The lead singer walked on without a shirt on and I was thinking ‘yep, this is going to be one of those generic experiences’.

And for the first few songs I was still having this feeling. But then something happened mid set.

The Bass Solo

They pulled out a device which you could attach a bass to and all of a sudden the whole band played a bass solo together on just one bass.

A Proper Bass Solo!

It was at this point they started to win me over. They had played a solid set so far with high energy. They were there for the audience and they were having fun. And they did something unique with a bass solo. This was far from generic.

I was at this point really happy I had gone to the concert to check them out and I was already at this point convinced that I needed to check them out more.

But they were not done impressing me. To end the show they turned their percussion stand into whole new instrument and they performed Skrillex’s ‘First of the year (Equinex)’ which is dub step and not rock.

Every last feeling of this going to be a generic experience was at this point gone and a new Nothing More fan was born!

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