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Method Gets World First (And Second) Kill

I like to follow the Race to World First in World of Warcraft. When a new raid encounter is released in the game, a bunch of teams world wide race through the content to get the world first kill.

In recent years the kings have been the European guild Method, but with the latest expansion Battle for Azeroth we’ve seen a few contenders stepping up.

I have to admit that I said on my podcast The Blue Recluse that I thought Limit would take the win this time, because they just looked like they were in a really good shape.

But the veterans from Method disagreed with me and once again secured the world first kill. And just to finish off in style, killed it again after the reset. Before any other guild.

Well done!

Main Stream Kill Clip

Here’s the kill from Methods main streaming channel with commentators.

Joshpriest explaining tactics

And last, if you are into the nitty gritty stuff, their priest healer Josh explains the tactics in depth.

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