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I Need You! Wizards Unite!

I’m preparing for the next episode of Sleepless and I’m going to do a sort of review of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. And I would love to hear your opinions as well.

As last time, any written opinions in here are great. But sound recorded opinions are amazing and will be included in the show in some shape or form.

I would obviously like to hear if you liked the game or not, but I also have some totally optional questions you could maybe also answer:

  • How does the game hold up compared to Pokemon: Go?
  • Is it a great representation of the Harry Potter Universe?
  • How good/bad is the story in the game?
  • Have you/would you spend money on it?

How To Participate

Let me know your opinion in either text or audio form. Simply send me an email at with your opinions.

Or join our Dragon Powered Studio Discord and join the discussion.

Or fill out this form (written opinions only)

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