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Freestyler Got Updated For 2019

Freestyler was released in 1999 by the Finnish hip hop group Bomfunk MC’s and was an instant hit.

I remember the music video so vividly while growing up. Freestyler felt pretty high tech with the portable MP3 player and the effects looked pretty cool for that era.

Now 20 years later the music video has gotten an update. A Belgian telco brand, Telenet, have made a remake of the video – or an updated version – to market their new all in one smartphone based entertainment service.

You can either hate or love what they did to the Freestyler video but I think the result is pretty cool. Obviously the portable MP3 player as it was in 1999 didn’t stick around. People use their smartphones today.

So the updated version changes the video to reflect that with a few different effects, like the orientation of the phone makes people slide down the floors.

The Music Video

I still love and prefer the original version of Freestyler but I like this remake and think it’s cool. See for yourself:

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