The Race To World First

I have been watching pretty much everything from the Method stream during the Race to World First in World of Warcraft’s latest raid ‘The Eternal Palace’. It’s super exciting to me and I wanted to try and share my excitement

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Internet Relationships

5 friends that I’ve met through the internet I’ve recently been on a holiday on Mallorca together with five friends that I’ve met through the internet. Through World of Warcraft to be exact. So I started recording with my trusty

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Still Podcasting

Welcome back to Sleepless In Copenhagen. In the second episode I am still talking about podcasting and this time I decided to talk to Sil from Battle Chat With Sil about her experiences with podcasting. Especially since she, just like I, is

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Welcome to Sleepless In Copenhagen. This is the first episode which is a sort of introduction to who I am and what I want to do with this podcast. I talk to my good friend and partner in podcasting crime

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