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I Am An Apex Legends Champion

Apex Legends came out of nowhere. Nobody expected it. Personally I’m not into games like PUBG or Fortnite. I’ve tried them, but they never really was my thing. I thought I wasn’t into battle royal games.

But then I jumped into Apex Legends and I’ve played it quite a bit since. Compared to the other games at least.

So far I’m having a blast in Apex Legends – regardless of the fact that I don’t have a great aim when it comes to first person shooters.

So it was with great joy that I finally managed to win a round of Apex Legends.

I definitely got carried by the team a lot of the way but I do feel like I contributed. And that’s the great things about Apex Legends. The gameplay makes it easy to contribute.

The Match Commences

We start out by landing on one of the air carriers along with at least one other team.

I land right next to another guy who has it out for me. But I am quicker to grab the shotgun lying on the floor. I quickly eliminate him.

From here I help my team getting the control of the air carrier.

We progress down to the ground where we have quite a few encounters. I mainly help out by pinging or by damaging other players around us while my team mates finishes them off.

I end up being killed but I get resurrected when it is safe. So the last half of the match I’m mainly trying to find gear again and get into shape to fight.

A few encounters later I’m finally ready to contribute again. I am looting a fallen enemy when the “You are the Champion” screen flashes in my face and I jump and scream in joy.

Apex Legends – you are a fun game! I never thought I’d be into Battle Royal games.

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