Hello world

This is me, Marty!

I’m a random guy in my late 30’s who likes to create internet content. 

This is my personal podcast and blog where I talk about everything, something and probably a lot of nothing. It’s a journey into my mind where you will find things that interest me.

In my every day life I work as a Lead Frontend Developer where I program website for $$$. When I’m not at work I still sit in front of a computer, most likely playing World of Warcraft or that other game that is the flavor of the month.

I love watching movies and good TV series, most likely on Netflix, and I’m a big music fan as well. So don’t be surprised if I’ll talk about these subject on my podcast.

But I will most likely be talking about video games since it’s probably my biggest passion.

It happens that I shut up and write blog posts instead. You can also follow that here.

My other projects

Dragon Powered Studio

Do not fear this dragon: the only fire he spews is digital, bringing you the best podcasts - straight from our trove to your ears. Dragon Powered Studio is your realm for audio digital content. Think podcast. Hear Dragon Powered. Spew fire.


My home as a Frontend Developer.