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30-Day Song Challenge – Day 1 to 6

One of my friends started posting a song every day for the 30-day song challenge. I thought it was a cool little challenge that I resonated with because music is such a big part of my life.

I pretty much listen to music the majority of the day. When I commute to/from work. When I am at work. When I game I turn the in game music volume down to 0 and listen to my own Spotify playlists.

So it felt natural to join in on this challenge. So here we go with week number 1!

Day 1: A Song You Like With A Color In The Name

This was no challenge. First thing that came to mind was The Burning Red by Machine Head.

I did consider going with “No Color” by Vexes, but The Burning Red was just there straight away, so it was difficult to not go with it.

Day 2: A Song You Like With A Number In The Title

Not too big of a challenge. There were a few that sprung to mind. Deftones with ‘One Weak’ or ‘7 Words’. I also thought of ‘5 Lb Bag’ by 40 Below Summer.

I thought Deftones was good choices but didn’t really want to use them already, because I had a feeling they might be on the list a few times. But then I thought of the number one song.

‘One’ with Metallica. The band that truly got me into metal back in the days. It felt so obvious that the song with a number in the title had to be this.

Day 3: A Song That Reminds You Of Summertime

No challenge what soever. There was no doubt in my mind. ‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’ with Deftones. Every spring time when the sun comes out and the warmth is returning to Denmark, I always starts thinking of this song.

It reminds me of the summer of 1998. It was the year I discovered NU metal and got introduced to bands like Korn, Soulfly and Deftones – it was also the first year I went to Roskilde Festival to watch Deftones live for the first time.

This is my summer song number one!

Day 4: A Song That Reminds You Of Someone You’d Rather Forget

It wasn’t a big challenge to find a song, because once there was this one girl… at that time in my life I had a playlist with songs that I listened to all the time. And nowadays I get reminded by those times when I listen to that playlist.

But the real challenge was something else. One particular song sprung to mind, but I couldn’t remember the artist, nor the title, because I started hating that song so much I removed it from the playlist. So I had to go with the second pick, still from that same playlist.

‘You Got Me’ by Crash Kings. Glad this song remained on the playlist though. It’s still pretty rad.

Day 5: A Song That Needs To Be Played Loud

ALL OF THEM! But I had to pick one. It was too big of a challenge to choose one. If any songs should be played loud it’s something with Deftones. Yup, they will continue to pop up on the list!

But ‘Change (In The House Of Flies)’ deserves to be played extra loud. It’s just that good!

Day 6: A Song That Makes You Want To Dance

It’s a challenge to not pick Deftones again. I didn’t though so I picked on by the lead singer Chino Moreno’s side project Crosses instead. Can’t shy too far away from Deftones.

There’s just something extremely cool about the bass line in ‘Telepathy’ that makes me dance around the kitchen if it comes on while I cook.

The whole album is very cool but there’s just something special about that specific track that love.

That’s The First Six!

And with that we are through with the first 6 songs of the 30-Day Song Challenge. Next week we’ll get to such charmers like a song about drug, a song from your preteens, a song for driving, and more!

Do you want to do the 30-Day Song Challenge yourself? Well, jump right in. Here’s the challenge.

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