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30-day Song Challenge – 7 to 12

Let’s grab the next six songs in the 30-day Song Challenge. So why wait? Let’s jump right into…

Day 7: A Song To Drive To

This was my first challenge. I don’t have a driver’s license and I rarely drive in a car, so I didn’t have anything pop out straight away.

But after some thinking time an image popped into my mind. A lowrider jumping down the street next to the beach and a bunch of guys with bandanas in it.

311 sprung to mind with ‘Down’. Not sure why because there’s no such imagery in their music video. But does it matter? I think not.

Day 8: A Song About Drugs or Alcohol

This was fairly challenging because lyrics isn’t usually something I remember a song for.

The very first song that sprung to mind was ‘The Perfect Drug’ with Nine Inch Nails because of the name. But I don’t really think it’s about drugs, so after a while I decided to disqualify the song. Especially since I realized there was an obvious song I had missed.

‘I Wanna Get High’ with Cypress Hill. I don’t think it get more about drugs than that!

Day 9: A Song That Makes You Happy

It’s starting to get challenging, because I usually don’t really categorize my songs in happy/sad songs. But I do actually have a playlist called ‘I’m happy’ which contains happy songs. Wow! I know!

So I looked at the playlist and quickly found this song by Justin Timberlake. There were a few contenders but I think this is probably as happy as it gets with me.

Queue ‘Señorita’.

Day 10: A Song That Makes You Sad

I have a playlist with songs that makes me happy. But sad? I don’t really have a playlist for that. So this one got a bit challenging. My mind went back to that song that I couldn’t remember for day 4. The song about someone I’d rather forget.

I started making google searches for “sad songs” and the likes because it was starting to bug me that I couldn’t remember the song.

And lo and behold. I found it! I am still having trouble listening to this song. It truly makes me sad. Which is sad in itself because it’s a great song. ‘Let Her Go’ by Passenger.

Day 11: A Song You Never Get Tired Of

I guess it’s time for some more Deftones, isn’t it?! It’s just a band I just never get tired of.

This was no challenge, because I swiftly landed on ‘Knife Prty’.

Day 12: A Song From Your Preteen Years

That’s a long time ago. But I wasn’t really in doubt what artist to go for. It’s a Danish artist called Kim Larsen and I’m pretty sure not many Danes doesn’t know who he is or a few of his songs.

I have watched the song where this song is from quite a few times growing up. The song has the same title as the movie. ‘Midt om natten’ or in the middle of the night.

That was 12!

Only one Deftones song this time. So proud of myself! Next Friday we’ll have a few more ‘classics’. So stay tuned!

Do you want to do the 30-Day Song Challenge yourself? Well, jump right in. Here’s the challenge.

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