This place is mostly empty space. But sooner or later there will be episodes shown here. Some you might have listened to. Some you might not.

Update on episode 4

Hey guys, people have been asking when the next episode will be out. To that I can only say soon(tm)

Most of episode 4 is already recorded. I got Michael Skarzynske to join me and we talked about Destiny 1 and 2.

But in the mean time I got my hands on a beta key for Destiny 2 for PS4 and I gave that to Michael. So I’m postponing the episode a little bit so he got time to check out the beta and record a first impressions piece to add to the episode.

And I’m pretty busy myself with some home improvements as you can see on the picture. When I’m done with these I’ll start planning the next show, so you don’t have to wait for too long for the episode after the next one.

So don’t worry. I’m still alive and kicking. Just been a busy summer with some unexpected occurrences. I’ll be back very soon.

Sleep tight!

Episode 3

Episode 3: Internet Relationships

I’ve recently been on a holiday on Mallorca together with five friends that I’ve met through the internet. Through World of Warcraft to be exact. So I started recording with my trusty iPhone to see what would come out of it.

And now I’ve edited all the footage together to tell the story of how we met, and why we keep hanging out even though we live so far from each other.

Music used in this episode:

You can also download the episode directly by clicking here

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