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Episode 3: Internet Relationships

5 friends that I've met through the internet I've recently been on a holiday on Mallorca together with five friends that I've met through the internet. Through World of Warcraft to be exact. So I started recording with my trusty iPhone to see what would come out of...

Episode 2: Still Podcasting

Welcome back to Sleepless In Copenhagen. In the second episode I am still talking about podcasting and this time I decided to talk to Sil from Battle Chat With Sil about her experiences with podcasting. Especially since she, just like I, is not a native English...

Episode 1: Podcasting

Welcome to Sleepless In Copenhagen. This is the first episode which is a sort of introduction to who I am and what I want to do with this podcast. I talk to my good friend and partner in podcasting crime Thom Knight about podcasting and why we do it, while we take a...